E X O S P H E R E / G L O B E F I E L D
The blue LED display, indicating the geographic location of Wolfsburg, local temperature and time (supplied by the Atomic clock), is itself positioned where Wolfsburg would be on this globe, assuming that the bottom of the globe is North and the vertical red display represents the position of the international dateline. The globe has a diameter of 12 m (39'4") and relates to the Earth at a scale of 1:1.000.000. Sun would be as far away as Berlin and fill up Tempelhof Airport (1.4 km ø), Wolfsburg would fit on a fingernail, Autostadt would take up 1mm2 and Exosphere itself would be of microscopic dimension (12µ), the size of a red blood cell. If the sun were the size of this globe, earth would be the size of an orange, 1.2km away. The structure weighs 4.5 tons. 

a permanent installation of 60 spheres, has been selected from WorldProcessor, a series of globes that was begun in 1989 and documents ongoing information studies on civilization. Each individual sphere is based on actual data from myriad sources, including the U.N., OECD and other organizations. The Globefield installation will evolve over time to reflect the changing world.


60 thematic globes, glass floor, aluminum globe with LED Display.  Installed May 2000 

[with John Mahoney, Andrew Saunders, Sönke Faltien, Hironori 'Keitetsu' Murai, Craig Schwitter, Cristobal Correa, Leister GmbH, H+T GmbH, Besamu B.V., P3 art and environment]






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